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    Graphitized recarburizer-0-2mm

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    Graphitization Recarburizer: Graphitized petroleum coke is a good refining agent for smelting. Graphitization is the process of treating petroleum coke into high temperature by graphite. The process is that the petroleum coke is energized and then passed through a high temperature of 3000 degrees, so that the carbon molecular form of the petroleum coke is changed from an irregular arrangement to a hexagonal arrangement. This way the petroleum coke can be better decomposed in molten iron. The recarburizing agent is used in casting, which can greatly increase the amount of scrap steel, reduce the amount of pig iron or use no pig iron.

    ProjectindexTest MethodsExecutive standard
    ExteriorNo impuritiesVisual inspection
    Volatile matter(V)/%≤0.8
    Fixed carbon(FC)/%≥98.5Indirect carbonizationGB/T212-2008
    nitrogen(N)/%≤0.03Oxygen and nitrogen analyzerGB/T214-2007
    sulfur(SI)/%≤0.05Sulfur analyzerGB/T30733-2014

    Particle size Remarks: 0-2mm 1-5mm 8-30mm (produced according to customer requirements)


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